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Happy Easter

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Hi Bob,
I'm in Seoul Korea this week.   I'm here for work, trying to get some business.   Busy, crowded, productive, friendly, social -- that's how I describe this city.   Nice to visit, but I miss seeing parks or trees.   It's amazing how Seoul grew so much in the last 50 years.  This place was leveled after the Korean war, and it grew from ~600,000 during the war to over 10 million today.   
Take care. 
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Beyond the Easter Eggs
Mike & Family
Thanks for Easter Videos... 
I attended  Easter Sunrise Services in Montrose, Iowa April 12, 2009.. Truely a memorable experience for Bob  who enjoyed the forgiveness and rebirth themes of service..  Speaker told  A tale of forgiveness by her Mom who's daughter ( speaker's  sister ) was killed in an accident and then the party who caused the accident was revisted years later by speaker  to see if they had forgiven themselves. They had not...

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